Claudio Astuto


Claudio is London based Ashtanga, Yoga for sports, and movement teacher. 

As a former basketball player, Yoga initially became a way to support athletic training and help mitigate injuries.

His intention is to create a space for students to explore and find their own relationship to the practice. He believes in a non-dogmatic approach orientated on each students’ individual needs and aims.

Claudio strives to make his classes safe, biomechanically relevant, and functional. He brings knowledge of anatomy into his teaching, with a background in biology, and sports massage.

As an advanced freediver, Claudio is also very keen in breathing practices that allow him and his students to have a true impact on the equilibrium of the nervous system.

Claudio is a BTEC level 5 Remedial Sports Masseur since 2014 and a Craniosacral Therapist. He specialises in injury rehabilitation and conditioning.




Ashtanga is a Yoga method that links each breath to a movement in a specific order.
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