Pippa Graham


Pippa has been teaching yoga since 1990, originally training with the Inner Yoga Trust. During 30 years of teaching, she has also practiced as a visual artist and as a therapeutic masseuse. Pippa draws on different disciplines, but her yoga is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli. 

More recently Pippa has trained with Birthlight, specialising in Yoga for Menopause, and exploring somatic movement to nourish the whole person. Pippa has also deepened her meditation practice, training with Suryacitta Malcolm Smith, the founder of Mindfulness CIC.

Pippa’s journey with Yoga began as a child with her mother, Maureen. Out of this joyful exploration, Yoga played a central part in her personal growth and search for integration. As a young adult experiencing high levels of anxiety, depression, and fragmentation, yoga offered Pippa a route back home to herself, developing a deep appreciation of the connection between the mind, emotions, breath, and the energetic and physical body. Pippa sees her practice and teaching as a healing art, guiding others back home to their innate ease and inner freedom.



Embodied Yoga

Embodied yoga offers a safe, nurturing space for you to come home to your body.
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