Polly Hall


After a back injury Polly discovered Hanna Somatics, which helped her to recover and get moving with a very different approach to exercise. Prior to her injury, Polly had been teaching yoga following 400 hours Hatha teacher training in India and the UK. Her yoga classes were informed by many years of Pilates practice, focusing on postural awareness and correct alignment. Polly now combines Somatic movement with yoga in her classes after training in levels 1 and 2 in Hanna Somatics.

Somatics explores ways of moving to ease discomfort and imbalance in the body and mind that can be caused by trauma or just being born a little wonky. The system can enable better performance in other exercise and our daily lives by releasing and resetting patterns in our bodies.



Gentle Flow and Restore

A relaxing slow flow through Somatic movement and yoga, softly blending mindfulness.
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