Shehn Amin


Yoga has been part of Shehn’s life for twenty years. As a sensitive teenager, it taught Shehn how to respect her body, find peace in it and truly dwell within it. Learning the fundamental tools of power, resilience and grace through yoga have carried Shehn through the waves of adolescence into adult life; folding inwards, meeting the self and relinquishing the ego.

Shehn completed 200 hour yoga teacher training with Alpha Yoga School in 2021, and in 2022, undertook a 50 hour Pregnancy Yoga Training with Lulu Winfield. 

Her style of teaching is grounded in pranayama, is restorative, dynamic and encourages a moving meditation.



Pregnancy Yoga

Pregnancy is a true wonder and the journey of growing and nourishing your baby within you is one of great joy.
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